Mastering ultra-hard

Robellaz was founded in 1902 and has acquired the experience, technology and know-how necessary for the highly specific machining of ultra-hard and very small materials. To enhance its independence, Incabloc SA bought the company in 2015. This acquisition enabled the firm to extend its range of skills and its offer, as well as to achieve vertical integration and better control its production of shock absorbers, settings and bearings.

Incabloc SA’s stone department now offers great production flexibility and guarantees the delivery of products that meet the most demanding standards. Its creative and responsive team is always looking for optimal solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.


Several million units per annum.

Ruby, sapphire, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc.

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support jewel «PA»

flat olive jewel «GO»

domed jewel «B»

domed olive jewel «BO»

flat jewel with two recesses «G2C»

flat olive jewel with two recesses «G2CO»

semi-flat jewel «MG»

semi-flat olive jewel «MGO»

domed semi-flat jewel «MGB»

domed olive semi-flat jewel «MGBO»

flat jewel «G»

olive support jewel «PAO»

domed olive support jewel «PABO»

support jewel with polished ribbon «PARP»

domed support jewel with polished ribbon «PABRP»

support jewel domed on both sides with polished ribbon «PAB2XRP»

support jewel domed on both sides «PAB2X»

endstone «CP»

domed endstone «CPB»

endstone domed on both sides «CP2B»

domed endstone with off-centre recess «CPBCD»

recess + domed «CPCB»

pin «GOU»

flat jewel with cone-shaped recess «GC»