Incabloc SA

Shock absorbers

The benchmark

The Incabloc® double-cone director features an exclusive and ultra-accurate configuration designed to channel uncontrolled shocks in a rigorously guided direction. The unrivalled Incabloc ® system remains based on its original principle and the constant improvements in production ensure the highest standard of quality over time. Evolving in step with new technologies, production is now being expanded with the development of customisable composite elements.
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Durnico: highly fatigue-resistant alloy
  • Vickers hardness:> >600HV Treatment: nickel plating + gilding Treatment: nickel plating + gilding
  • Phynox
Synthetic ruby
  • Harder and more homogenous than natural ruby
  • Excellent resistance to friction
  • Surface treatment: epilame coating
Brass: soft alloy, easy to machine
  • Surface treatment: nickel-plating, gilding or other


Double cone shock absorber
The enduring classic, recognised by the Swiss watch industry for over 80 years. Its exclusive design ensures the automatic recentring of the bushing and endstone while keeping the line of travel perpendicular to the balance staff. The pivots are therefore not subjected to any stress. By having only two contact points, the lyre spring ® maximises its active length.

Single-cone shock absorber
Fitted with a single cone to minimise its thickness, as well as a spring specifically designed to reduce its diameter as much as possible while maintaining optimal performance.

Shock absorber for economical calibres.

Apply to


support jewel «PA»

flat olive jewel «GO»

domed jewel «B»

domed olive jewel «BO»

flat jewel with two recesses «G2C»

flat olive jewel with two recesses «G2CO»

semi-flat jewel «MG»

semi-flat olive jewel «MGO»

domed semi-flat jewel «MGB»

domed olive semi-flat jewel «MGBO»

flat jewel «G»

olive support jewel «PAO»

domed olive support jewel «PABO»

support jewel with polished ribbon «PARP»

domed support jewel with polished ribbon «PABRP»

support jewel domed on both sides with polished ribbon «PAB2XRP»

support jewel domed on both sides «PAB2X»

endstone «CP»

domed endstone «CPB»

endstone domed on both sides «CP2B»

domed endstone with off-centre recess «CPBCD»

recess + domed «CPCB»

pin «GOU»

flat jewel with cone-shaped recess «GC»