Inspection and quality

Strict monitoring of orders and consistency ensure optimum quality throughout the manufacturing and assembly processes. At the start of operations, machined components are checked in great detail, undergoing several inspections throughout the manufacturing process, before and after correcting, driving-in, jewelling and later during the assembly of the shock absorbers, adjustment-index systems, complex mobile parts.

The company continuously invests in its production and testing equipment. The statistical process control (SPC) system involves daily sampling of components. This method of production inspection, based on statistical analysis, ensures an optimum level of quality at each stage of production. The goal of limiting the internal reject rate reflects a permanent quest to achieve the quality required by customers. The implementation of this global system guarantees repeatability, as well as excellent traceability, enabling components to be monitored from start to finish and always with the aim of further streamlining production.

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support jewel «PA»

flat olive jewel «GO»

domed jewel «B»

domed olive jewel «BO»

flat jewel with two recesses «G2C»

flat olive jewel with two recesses «G2CO»

semi-flat jewel «MG»

semi-flat olive jewel «MGO»

domed semi-flat jewel «MGB»

domed olive semi-flat jewel «MGBO»

flat jewel «G»

olive support jewel «PAO»

domed olive support jewel «PABO»

support jewel with polished ribbon «PARP»

domed support jewel with polished ribbon «PABRP»

support jewel domed on both sides with polished ribbon «PAB2XRP»

support jewel domed on both sides «PAB2X»

endstone «CP»

domed endstone «CPB»

endstone domed on both sides «CP2B»

domed endstone with off-centre recess «CPBCD»

recess + domed «CPCB»

pin «GOU»

flat jewel with cone-shaped recess «GC»