Incabloc ® has been an integral part of the Swiss watch industry since its inception in 1928. Since then, the majority of mechanical watches produced in Switzerland have been fitted with this shock-absorber system designed to protect balance-staffs. Incabloc SA has thus been the undisputed leader in the shock-absorber market for almost a century.

Today, Incabloc SA goes far beyond the field of shock absorbers, developing and producing complete adjustment-index systems in partnership with its customers. These complex, ready-to-integrate products make it possible to spare clinets a number of important steps in manufacturing movements. It also supplies bar-turned components and jewels to companies in various fields. Regular investments are made in our bar-turning, cutting, roller burnishing, stone manufacturing, assembly and inspection departments.

Every day, Incabloc SA cultivates the expertise, values and entrepreneurial spirit that have given rise to an exceptionally wonderful industrial adventure. The various tasks undertaken by the company – which is a true centre of excellence – are carried out in a spirit of dynamic harmony that promotes a friendly, constructive working atmosphere. The aim is unfailingly to produce outstanding finished products meeting the highest standards of precision and finish that characterise “Swiss-made” quality.


Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the watchmaking town of its birth and development, the company continues to cultivate the reputation for which it is famous. Underpinned by a highly qualified and loyal staff, for whom loyalty and commitment go hand in hand with a constant quest for excellence, Incabloc SA supplies most major Swiss watch manufacturers. The ability to listen, combined with expertise and interpersonal skills, enable the company to offer effective support along with customised products and services.

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support jewel «PA»

flat olive jewel «GO»

domed jewel «B»

domed olive jewel «BO»

flat jewel with two recesses «G2C»

flat olive jewel with two recesses «G2CO»

semi-flat jewel «MG»

semi-flat olive jewel «MGO»

domed semi-flat jewel «MGB»

domed olive semi-flat jewel «MGBO»

flat jewel «G»

olive support jewel «PAO»

domed olive support jewel «PABO»

support jewel with polished ribbon «PARP»

domed support jewel with polished ribbon «PABRP»

support jewel domed on both sides with polished ribbon «PAB2XRP»

support jewel domed on both sides «PAB2X»

endstone «CP»

domed endstone «CPB»

endstone domed on both sides «CP2B»

domed endstone with off-centre recess «CPBCD»

recess + domed «CPCB»

pin «GOU»

flat jewel with cone-shaped recess «GC»