Adjustment-index systems

Different types of adjustment are available, such as eccentric or arrow-type, with a backlash-free reduction gear, or even a cam/pawl combination. These adjustment-index systems can be supplied as kits or assembled.

  • Customised fine adjustment-index fitted beneath the balance-cock.
  • Customised fine adjustment-index.
  • Customised pawl index.
  • Index with tangential micrometre screw.


The dedicated adjustment systems comprise a shock absorber, adjustment-index and balance-cock forming a functionally coherent entity that is reliable as well as displaying a high standard of workmanship and finish. The design, which is tailored to the mechanism, can be entirely personalised. Smoothly integrated into movements, these assemblies are developed in consultation with clients and therefore intended to become part of their brand identity.

Apply to


support jewel «PA»

flat olive jewel «GO»

domed jewel «B»

domed olive jewel «BO»

flat jewel with two recesses «G2C»

flat olive jewel with two recesses «G2CO»

semi-flat jewel «MG»

semi-flat olive jewel «MGO»

domed semi-flat jewel «MGB»

domed olive semi-flat jewel «MGBO»

flat jewel «G»

olive support jewel «PAO»

domed olive support jewel «PABO»

support jewel with polished ribbon «PARP»

domed support jewel with polished ribbon «PABRP»

support jewel domed on both sides with polished ribbon «PAB2XRP»

support jewel domed on both sides «PAB2X»

endstone «CP»

domed endstone «CPB»

endstone domed on both sides «CP2B»

domed endstone with off-centre recess «CPBCD»

recess + domed «CPCB»

pin «GOU»

flat jewel with cone-shaped recess «GC»