background incabloc

1988, a second wind
with Incabloc SA

1980 saw the downfall of Incabloc® when electronic movements advanced on all fronts and left no more balance-shafts to protect. Portescap diversified to micro-motors and finally got rid of its Incabloc division.

In 1988, Eric Zutter started up a new company, Incabloc SA, despite the current pessimistic view that mechanical watches were destined to be replaced by quartz technology. He continued to produce the celebrated shock absorber and retained the production machinery and some of the employees, thus preserving the firm’s skills base. The first four years of Incabloc SA were quite slow, but demand was steadily growing.

In 1992, Wilfred Zutter took over from his father as head of the firm. The same year saw a revival in mechanical watches and demand shot up. An electroplating department was established, as the work done by outside suppliers was not up to standard.

In 1998 Incabloc SA became more self sufficient in profile-turned components. After long negotiations, the Demhosa company was acquired and became a department of Incabloc SA.

In 2003, Wilfred Zutter acquired the whole of Incabloc SA. The millennium had opened with good prospects for mechanical watchmaking, which had recovered is creative drive. It was clear that Incabloc SA had to offer more than just shock protection. This led to a project with an engineering firm to develop a complete system incorporating an Incabloc with a precision-adjustment index. The new product was launched in early 2004 as Incabloc+.